ABO Technical Standards : Contributing Order to the Algal Industry

Click here to download “Industrial Algae Measurements, Version 6.0 (PDF)

Technical Standards Committee Mission Set by ABO Bylaws:

  • Develop and advocate industry standards and best practices
  • Liaise with Members, Standards Organizations, and Government
  • Facilitate information flow between industry stakeholders
  • Review ABO technical positions and recommendations
  • Undertake special projects as directed by the ABO Board

Committee Activities in 2014:

  • Promote Industrial Algae Measurements 6.0 (IAM 6.0) as industry standard.
  • Recruit additional Committee members to further expand ABO’s experience in the market segments of food, feed, fuel, nutraceutical and bio-based chemicals.
  • Continue to identify, adapt, generate, and recommend specific measurement methodologies and guidelines that address ABO targeted markets for algal biomass.

Committee Members

1 – Dr. Lieve Laurens – Committee Chair, Algal Research Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

2 – Dr. Keith Cooksey – Committee Co-Chair, Environmental Biotechnology Consultants, Professor Emeritus, Montana State University,
ABO Board Member

3 – Jim Sears – New Product Development, Boulder Labs Inc., Former ABO Committee Chair and CTO, A2BE Carbon Capture LLC

4 – Dr. Rose Ann Cattolico – Professor of Algal Biology, University of Washington

5 – Dr. Mark Edwards –  Professor, Arizona State University Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management, Vice President at Algae
Biosciences Inc

6 – Steve Howell – President and founder of MARC-IV, Chairman of the ASTM task force on biodiesel standards

7 – Adonis Neblett –  Attorney, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

8 – Dr. Robert McCormick – Principal Engineer, Fuels Performance, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

9 – Dr. Philip Pienkos – Applied Sciences Group Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

10 – Gina Clapper – Technical Specialists, AOCS American Oil Chemists Society

11 – Pat Ahlm – Assistant Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs at Algenol Biofuels Inc

12 – Nikolaos Katsikis – Director of Business Development, SCHOTT North America, Inc.

Committee Member Recruitment: The ABO Technical Standards Committee is looking for additional members who have interest and capabilities that are aligned with the Committee’s 2014 objectives. Please email Committee Chairman.